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I'm used to getting free statistics from RBI. Why do I have to register?

You know us, but we don't know you. We'd like to change that. Knowing your name and email address enables us to communicate changes to the product to you. You'll be the first to know when new things are added or changed, or when we're running special contests and promotions for our users.

Is registration free?

Yes, registration is free for our basic statistics. If you'd like to become a premium SmartCharts Pro subscriber, see our Pricing page for more info.

I'm an rbiEXPERT subscriber. Do I need to register again?

No, you'll all set. You'll just need to login with your rbiEXPERT name and password to get started. You can do that by clicking here.

Can I get a free trial of SmartCharts Pro?

Yes, you can try our premium product for 14 days. If you decide you don't like it, you can cancel and continue using only the free statistics. Start your free trial today.

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